Can You Touch Cats At a Cat Cafe?

 Please be sure to call ahead before traveling to a cat cafe listed on this site. It is difficult to keep track of when locations close or change their hours.

Have you been considering a visit to one of the local cat cafes in your area? If so, there are some things you should know or may wonder, before planning your visit. One question you may have, is if you are allowed to touch and hold the cats at the cafe?

The rules for interacting with the cats will vary from location to location, however, in most cases, you will be allowed to touch the cats in the cafe.

Cats are given their own separate space so that they don’t ever come in contact with human food or hot beverages. This space may be where people can come and interact with the cats, or maybe another is where their beds and food are located.

This will be different for every cafe, based on their rules and routine. Sometimes there will be an enclosed room where cats stay when they are sleeping so that they will not be interfered with. In a situation like this, the general public would not be welcome to touch the cats in this area.

There will likely be several rules to take into consideration before anyone can touch the cats, since keeping the pets safe and healthy are the highest priority. Each location will have different rules, however, you can usually find these listed on their site, as well as when you arrive at their cafe.

Below are some common rules that you will likely have to abide by when you visit a local cat cafe. It is best if you are aware of the rules before visiting, so make sure you check out the cafe’s site or call them for information that is specific to you:

  • Make a reservation before coming in. (This will depend on a location’s policy, however, it is usually recommended and polite if you plan on bringing several people.)
  • Don’t bring in treats or snacks for the cats. Making sure the cats stay healthy and aren’t at risk is very important. This is why most cat cafes will ask you not to bring in any kind of outside food for the kitties. Cat cafes usually have cat food and tasty treats that you can purchase and feed to them during your visit.

  • Children must be accompanied by adults. Most children adore pets, especially cats. However, kids can also tend to be trouble makers, or scare the cats. This is why cat cafes ask that every child is accompanied by an adult. Some locations even have minimum ages of children that can visit (usually 12 and older).

  • Keep food and hot beverages in their designated area. For both legal and safety reasons, beverages and food are required to be eaten and kept in a separate area from the cats. Consuming human food can be toxic to cats, and they could also be at the risk of burns if hot beverages were to be spilled.

Continue reading to learn more about how cat cafes work, and what to expect when visiting a local cat cafe in your area:

What Do People Do At a Cat Cafe?

Cat cafes are a fun new trend that originated in Taiwan in the late 1990s. In the last few years, they have made their way to the United States, and have hundreds of locations across the country. If you have heard about cat cafes, you may be wondering what you should expect when visiting a location near you.

Cafes are a great space for cat lovers, as you can sip a warm beverage and eat a light snack while hanging out with the cats that are there!

Typically, cafes partner with local bakeries that bring in food so that there is a safer space for the cats to live in. The eating area of the cafe will usually be separate from the cats as well. Keep in mind that every location is a little different, and will vary based on local authority rules and guidelines for animal safety.

Cat cafes also partner with local shelters and organizations that can help give cats a good home. The cats you see at the cafes will be available for adoption while giving them a more pleasant place to stay in contrast to staying in a shelter until they are adopted.

Cat cafes usually make their money through adoptions and charging admission for time spent petting the cats. You can also purchase treats to feed the cats while you are interacting with them.

Some cat cafes ask that you reserve ahead of time so that you can have a better experience with the cats. Also, some locations may charge based on age, cafes usually ask that every child be accompanied by an adult.

If you love spending time with the cats, you may have the option to adopt one of the cats, or you can volunteer at the cafe. Some cafes have a volunteer option that is great for anyone who adores taking care of cats but doesn’t have the ability to adopt a cat of their own.

Also, volunteering is very helpful for cafes, as taking care of the cats can be costly!

Thanks for reading! We hope this article helped you determine if you can touch the cats at a cat cafe! If you have any questions or anything to add, please comment down below. Also, if you are curious about where to find local cat cafes in your area, check out our cat cafe locator!